MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 11 September 2019 – Packaged Dangerous Goods Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based Australian company a subsidiary of Australian Worldwide Logistics Pty Ltd has been awarded the Best Practice Safety Award at the 2019 Australian Freight Industry Awards.

This award recognises the most innovative and practical safety solution on road or in the workplace across the transport and logistics industry.  The judges look for cost effective solutions involving staff and customers.  Solutions that demonstrate excellence in safety compliance and accreditation will be highly regarded.

The Packaged Dangerous Goods (PDG) App is a progressive and exciting development that will transform the way Dangerous Goods are handled and managed. It is unique in the market and incorporates compliance, management, reporting, training and above all safety. Companies and individuals want to control and eliminate the dangerous risks that are inherent in the transport and logistics environment. The PDG App makes this possible by taking the complexity out of the essential carriage of dangerous packaged goods and can be applied to a global market.

The complexity of standards, procedures and expectations of authorities and members of the supply chain, are becoming more and more difficult. While training is optional, the standards are reviewed and added to on a regular basis. The PDG App minimises the risk of a mistake being made or an operator being unsure about the dangerous goods which can be difficult with the standard paper-based system. The PDG App alleviates these challenges and provides electronic notification instantly.

Everyone within the supply chain is running the risk of harm or injury to themselves and the public by carrying or storing packaged dangerous goods on vehicles or on premises not equipped or that are incompatible. There are industry standards, procedures and guides provided to the people within the supply chain, however confusion remains, leading to risk. These companies or individuals may be liable and held personally, financially and criminally responsible in the event of an incident during the transport or storage of dangerous goods where an accident or spill occurs. Not being able to either respond effectively or provide evidence of compliance due to limited data tracking is a huge issue. The PDG App will eliminate this.

The PDG App is currently available on the Google and App store and for only $5.99 it is a small price to pay to ensure your company and staff stay compliant and above all safe.

The PDG Guide has been designed for the Australian Supply Chain Industry for anyone who is required to carry or store packaged dangerous goods. The wider supply chain can use this tool to help individuals and companies to remain safe, compliant and efficient. The application is an easy to use tool that can be used to decide if you can pick-up, pack, store or transport mixed packaged loads safely.

The PDG App allows you to:
•Compare 2-4 different dangerous good class combinations
•Enter in UN code
•Take a snapshot and record a history for compliance
•Report your load compliance/non-compliance to the person responsible

Examples of the types of users for whom the PDG App could become indispensable are:
•Truck drivers: To help confirm the loads they are allowed to carry.
•Warehouse Managers
•Loaders/Forklift Drivers
•Operations Manifest Staff: To help confirm the loads they are allowed to organize for drivers.
•Sales Staff: To help communicate with customers when quoting.
•Inbound/Outbound Operations: To help confirm is a truck is safe to enter or exit the premises.
•Government Authorities
•Government Bodies
•Work safe
•Global companies
•Emergency Services

The PDG App is available on the iOS and Android App store for $5.99. Download it today for total peace of mind.

Pictured below (L-R): Mr Peter Anderson, Chairman VTA; The Hon Melissa Horne, Minister for Public Transport, Minister for Ports and Freight; Amanda O’Brien, PDGA; John O’Brien, PDGA; Mr Santo Iuele (Volvo Trucks) representing CMV Truck & Bus (Sponsor of Award) and Mr Cameron Dunn; President of VTA.

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Packaged Dangerous Goods App (PDGA)
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