FCL Services

If you regularly transport a high quantity of freight, FCL services could be an ideal solution. A full container load means the load is assigned to just one shipper. Filling the load to its capacity is the best way to reap the cost benefits, while some shippers opt to reserve the entire load even if they don’t fill it entirely.

(If your goods do not fully occupy a container and you want a more cost effective solution, consider LCL or less than a container load services that are consolidated with other shippers’ goods.)

Benefits of Full Container Load Shipments

  • FCL generally offers faster transit times than LCL (as there is less delays due to handling of others’ goods)

  • FCL offers high security as the entire load is assigned only to you

  • There is a reduced risk of product damage as your goods will not be consolidated amongst other (unknown) goods

  • FCL insurance can be slightly cheaper than a LCL service


FCL Freight

Fuller and larger shipments can offer more cost-effective freight services (especially if as a result they become more infrequent), and as full container loads are typically handled less than LCL services, they are less susceptible to delays.

Xtreme Freight’s logistical FCL freight solutions include 24-hour pick-up, delivery, and/or storage.

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Xtreme Freight also specialises in LCL (less than a container load) services. Read more about LCL services here.

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