Domestic Transport Services

Xtreme Freight is a domestic transport company offering flexible freight solutions to national and international customers.

From regular shipments being distributed to major and capital cities, to unexpected freight that must be moved to various corners of the country, you can rely on Xtreme Freight’s domestic transport services.

No matter how small or large your consignment, Xtreme Freight will move it. Three popular domestic transport solutions are:

Road Transport

Xtreme Freight offers standard and customised road transport and delivery services across Australia. Road transport ensures even the most rural areas can receive their deliveries. We can also move bulk and delicate goods.

Rail Transport

A comprehensive network and beneficial partnerships is why clients choose Xtreme Freight time and time again for domestic rail transport. Bulk goods, including machinery, equipment, and parts frequent our rail network.

Air Transport

Air transport is an efficient method used for freight that needs to be moved quickly or for critical and urgent demands. You can read more about our airfreight services here.

Multi-modal Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all for domestic transport, which is why we can also crate multi-modal solutions that combine one or more of the above transport methods for your consignment.

National Freight Solutions

Our national freight solutions are tailor-made, designed to adhere to your budget and timeframe.

Xtreme Freight is the most important part of the supply chain, as we represent you and your business at the most critical point of the process – delivery. We’re the logistics arm of your business, providing superior service that results in improved business efficiencies.

Offering Xtremely flexible planning and Xtremely scalable services, we create your perfect transport solution – every time.