3PL Providers

Many companies all over the world engage the support of a 3PL provider to help manage their distribution and delivery requirements. 

3PL providers deliver a range of transportation models and cover specific regions and goods, supporting companies and ensuring their commodities are correctly freighted and distributed. The engagement of a 3PL provider creates a wider distribution network for a company and provides access to a valuable resource network that might have previously been unattainable.

Companies that rely on 3PL providers can…

  • Test new markets without the full commitment of your own distribution centre or facility
  • Enjoy measurable efficiencies through direct engagement of a 3PL

  • Take advantage of lower transport costs through a transport and logistics company

  • Benefit from sophisticated technology through their 3PL

  • Avoid costly mistakes caused by a lack of experience in logistics

Third Party Logistics

3PL, or third party logistics, is the process of companies outsourcing portions of their distribution services.

3PL across the world is huge. As distribution management becomes more difficult for companies, they have learnt to rely on careful planning and meticulous execution from a third-party logistics provider like Xtreme Freight.

Xtreme Freight is a reliable 3PL provider that has expanded its services into warehousing, too. With our own private fleet of trucks, we offer a customised delivery solution so your freight ends up exactly where it needs to be.

Transport and Logistics Company

Xtreme Freight is a transport and logistics company with their head office based in Melbourne. We  service clients across the entire country. We never say no to our customers, offering flexible and customised 3PL services for a portion of or your complete supply chain.

Our goal is to reduce your overhead logistics costs by creating scalable and flexible 3PL solutions prepared and managed by an experienced and dedicated team. Contact us now