Commercial Transport Company

Are you a commercial business searching for reliable transportation services? 

Xtreme Freight is an Australian freight company offering a complete suite of commercial transportation solutions to Australian and international businesses. With decades of experience in logistics and freight, our team creates specialised solutions to transport your commercial goods across the country.

We will transport:

Fragile Freight

Careful handling and care throughout the entire transport chain guarantees your goods are delivered in their expected condition. We provide all the necessary precautions and provisions to ensure your freight is protected.

Bulky or Large Freight

Rest easy: a wide range of vehicles make up our commercial transport fleet, so larger and bulky commercial items can also be transported.

Dangerous or Flammable Goods

Xtreme Freight takes safety very seriously, abiding by all state- and nation-wide regulations, rules, and guidelines when transporting dangerous or flammable goods for commercial purposes.

Machinery and Equipment

From medical equipment to the motor industry, our commercial transportation services move your freight interstate and intrastate via our fleet of transport vans and trucks. Learn more about our fleet here.

Xtreme Freight’s Energy Efficient Approach

The following solutions were implemented into our organisation during 2014 with the aim of reducing energy cost and consumption. They were:

1) A New Warehouse Management System (WMS)

This resulted in a more efficient forklift workflow. As a result of this, the machines now require less charging and we reduced the number of charging stations from three to one. We saw an immediate reduction in the amount of power we consumed!

2) A New Transport Management System (TMS)

This means Xtreme Freight operates almost completely paperless. This system enables is to better use our vehicles through improved route planning and reporting.

3) Roof Replacement

We replaced roofing sheets with polycarbonate roofing panels, inviting in natural light during the day and as a result, removing the need of artificial light. We also replaced 84 halogen lighting tubes with LED – this is a huge energy saver.

4) A New Driver Training Program

This program, for both existing and new drivers, focuses on fuel efficiency through unnecessary braking, gear clutch use, and accurate route plans.


The figures speak for themselves:

  • We save around $6000 per year on our energy bills

  • Our carbon footprint has shrunk from 12.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year to 5.7 (that’s a 53% decrease!)

  • The annual saving from reduced fuel consumption through our entire vehicular fleet was $87,500:

    • Heavy Rigid vehicles: 25% decrease in fuel consumption; $50,000 saving
    • Medium Rigid vehicles: 19% decrease in fuel consumption; $25,000 saving
    • Van: 15% decrease in fuel consumption; $12,500 saving

Read the full report here