Logistics Consultants Melbourne

At Xtreme Freight we pride ourselves on our ability to solve all of our client’s logistical challenges.

We can meet some of the most demanding time constraints creating a seamless logistical solution for our client’s individual requirements. Piecing together some of the most integrated solutions is what gives our customers the comfort and peace of mind that sets us apart from other service providers.

We solve the pieces in your logistical puzzle by:

  • Creating cost-effective solutions

  • Delivering outstanding customer service

  • Providing clear and customised logistics solutions

Without careful analysis of your logistics supply chain, you will miss opportunities for improvement and opportunities to reduce costs. The supply chain can get complicated, and without sufficient consultancy, mistakes are made, challenges are faced, and risks are exposed. Forward-thinking consulting can help eliminate these pitfalls.

The key skills involved in precise and beneficial consulting include:

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication

  • Organisation

Without these valuable skills and the consultants behind these skills, we cannot deliver the exceptional logistics consultancy that our clients have come to depend on.

Logistics and Transport Consultancy

logistics and transport consultancy

Transport touches us every day in a variety of forms.

Our logistics consultants can accommodate all vehicle requirements, including:

  • One-tonne vans

  • B/Doubles

  • Skel trailers

  • Sideloaders

We also provide daily movements for LCL and airfreight as well as daily collections and lodgements of aircraft units to all CTOs.

At Xtreme Freight our IT platform will provide GPS tracking capabilities for each dedicated unit. Our system allows for online tracking of each vehicle and will provide real-time event information, sign on glass and instant POD retrieval.


First, as with almost any project undertaken across any field or industry, we must begin with a tailored strategy. The strategy underpins the rest of the process (planning and execution – see below), and without it, we wander blindly. The strategy emphasises how best a company’s project can be supported at the best value.


The next step involves thorough planning including risk assessment, best practices, and optimisation. We closely analyse inventory, transportation, and warehousing as part of this process.

Execution and monitoring

logistics consultants Melbourne

After the strategy has been finalised and planning is complete, it is now time to execute the project. Ongoing monitoring and analysis ensures we’re delivering and we can also help you measure and record a real ROI. We work hard to achieve results, delivering beneficial project outcomes.

One of the key skills of expert logistics consultancy is the ability to quickly identify, address, and rectify supply chain issues at any stage of the consultancy process. Ongoing monitoring ensures we close the gaps and continue to improve the efficiency of your logistics and supply chain.

Whatever your industry and whatever your requirements, Xtreme Freight can help. After all, we never say no to our customers!