Airfreight Services

Xtreme Freight provides the widest possible range of airfreight transport services to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it’s handling a single document or a 5000-kg freight consignment, Xtreme Freight will create, plan, and execute the right airfreight solution to meet your needs.

Benefits of Airfreight

Airfreight services are common amongst organisations or business that require rapid door-to-door movement of their cargo. It’s clear that airfreight is often the speediest mode of transport.

  • A wide air network means your goods can be sent almost anywhere across the entire country

  • Damage or theft is reduced thanks to stringent security measures

  • Airfreight is ideal for time-sensitive loads

Unsure whether to move your goods via air or road? Each different mode of transport has its own benefits, so at Xtreme Freight, we customise a solution to meet your needs, taking into account cost, time, and the specific product that needs to be moved.

Airfreight could be a valuable component of your freight-forwarding solution, moving goods through your entire supply chain.

Airfreight Company Melbourne

Xtreme Freight is an airfreight company in Melbourne specialising in interstate, intrastate, and local transport solutions. While airfreight services are one of the most common methods for freight, Xtreme also offers multi-modal solutions that may include rail and road freight, too.

No matter your budget, industry, or product, Xtreme Freight creates a dynamic logistical solution that goes beyond standard freight services.

A quick transit time helps to ensure your cargo is moved exactly where it needs to be in a timely period. Our Xtremely flexible airfreight solutions meet even the toughest demands. Tell us yours here