LCL Services

In transport and logistics, LCL is a simple acronym that stands for “less than a container load”. 

If your goods do not occupy a full container – that is, it is below the normal weight or quantity of a typical full container – they can be consolidated alongside goods from other shippers into a single container. That means your goods are classified as less than a container load shipment.

Benefits of LCL Services

  • LCL is a cost-effective shipping method, as you only pay for the space your goods occupy

  • LCL capabilities means even if your goods do not occupy a full container, you do not have to sacrifice important shipping deadlines

  • The ability to ship smaller deliveries is useful for a business looking to expand its target markets

  • Similarly, LCL is a cost-effective way for a company to test or experiment with a new supplier

  • Both LCL and FCL services offer tremendous flexibility to many businesses

LCL services are also beneficial to companies who find themselves having to quickly dispatch goods due to unexpected demand. LCL allows goods to be transported efficiently even when a company cannot fill an entire load.

LCL Freight

With long-term, fruitful relationships between multiple global and national carriers, Xtreme Freight’s LCL freight services are dependable, trustworthy, and reliable. No matter the product and no matter its origin, Xtreme Freight’s accurate logistical strategies ensure that we fill all the confusing gaps in your logistical puzzle.

We also offer deconsolidation services as well as FAK (freight all-kind) unpacks.

If your freight occupies an entire container load, you may like to read more about Xtreme Freight’s FCL (full container load) services here.

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